Innovative Full-Color 3D Printing using the Stratasys J750
The technology of rapid prototyping has jumped forward, and Midwest Composite Technologies is at the forefront, adding a groundbreaking full-color 3D printer to its production line of over twenty 3D printing machines.

Midwest Composite Technologies is the only privately owned company offering its clients the opportunity to print on the Stratasys J750. The photorealistic prototypes created are an ideal way to prove and perfect ideas and produce physical products that feel just like the finished product.

The Future of 3D Printing has arrived at Midwest Composite Technologies
This next generation 3D printer, thes Stratasys J750, mixes six different materials together to color the part as it is being produced, creating an impressive spectrum of life-like colors—over 360,000. In 3D printing, its production speed, quality, precision, and finishing capabilities are unmatched. The Stratasys J750 can also print color gradients, transparent and translucent materials, and materials of different durometers.

In addition to all its material and color capabilities, the Stratasys J750 can print layers as thin as 14 microns (.00055") for fine, delicate features. Read more information in the Stratasys J750 data sheet.

Great Repeatability and Speed
If you need multiple copies of full-color prototypes, you can be assured they will look the same because the Stratasys J750 produces prototypes with great repeatability. In the past, we would have to make different parts or use complicated masks and paint to make a complex color model. Now, we can create the model in one printing operation – speeding up the process and reducing the time to market. 

It's our job to make you look good.
Try photorealistic full-color 3D Printing for your next prototype. Contact us today to get started!

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