Production & Short-Run/Low volume Production
Midwest Composite Technologies can provide low volume production and sub-assembly operations. Our experienced engineering staff and quality craftsmen can assist in determining the best approach to meet or exceed your expectations on production needs, costs and schedules. Your final product will be unmatched in quality, precision and finish. We can offer turn-key solutions to your custom requirements also. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind specialty device or light to medium production volumes, we can assist you.
See some of our work on the red tractor pictured to the right.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
Our wide range of CNC machining center sizes allows us to cover a wide spectrum of size and quantity requirements. We can provide machined parts ranging from the size of a dime to 10'x23'x5' in any quantity. Many materials can be utilized including wood, synthetics, plastics and metals.

We can provide thermo-formed parts in a wide range of sizes, materials and quantities. Secondary operations can be added to form additional features that cannot be accomplished with the thermo-forming process. Finishing and trimming to our customer's specifications can also be provided.

A wide range of finishing operations such as painting, texturing, graphics and label application, trimming and machining can be added to parts from any of our molding processes. Additional features can be added to parts that our molding processes cannot easily form. We are able to color match to our customers specifications with either molded in color on injection molded parts, or painted parts.

Inspection & Quality
Not only do we design and fabricate molds to manufacture components, we can provide value added assembly services. Our diverse industry experience gives us the ability to perform light to medium volume assembly operations. We offer complete turn-key assembly services with the flexibility, quality, capacity and cost efficiency to meet the specific manufacturing requirements of our customers.

Custom Packaging
Custom packaging is developed for all of our customer's parts to ensure the parts that arrive at their facility meet all their product specific requirements. We can also provide drop shipment of turn-key product assemblies right to your customer's door.

You can see more of our prototype production in our Gallery.