Recently, Midwest Composite Technologies acquired the industrial design assets of Renquist Design when the partners retired or semi-retired. Renquist Design was a leader in industrial design for 44 years with a wealth of experience in solving a wide range of design problems. Now Midwest Composite Technologies has a new design department ( with an experienced staff that can offer services from design conception to making working prototypes. We will work closely with your company to ensure that our designs reflect the functionality, styling, and quality your customers expect. We can supplement your existing design staff if you are facing difficult deadlines. We can also complement your design approach with additional design ideas.

Industrial Design
A better design can increase visual appeal, make products cheaper, safer, more usable, and distinguish your product in a competitive marketplace. Our design department can analyze your product and suggest new features and assembly methods that add value and an updated appearance that keeps your products looking fresh. Our design staff has extensive experience designing consumer products, industrial products, tools, packaging, medical devices, and more.

Turning a concept into a CAD file can be difficult. Complicated parts or subtle surfaces with compound curves can be difficult to model accurately. An appealing appearance can be lost in translation on the way from a concept sketch to a CAD file. Our design staff has been providing CAD files for newly designed or redesigned parts to customers for years. We can retain the styling that makes a concept attractive while meeting the engineering constraints you require. Whether you want surface files for reference, or you want part files for manufacture, we can create them for you.

You can see more of our design work in our Gallery.